The New Digital Imperatives of Customer Obsession [Drizly] | Emarsys Revolution 2018


Personalization is no longer just about: first name, last name, canned email body. Today, it's about context, location, and content.

The marketers at the Drizly app had three CRM goals – to convert new users, drive repeat visitors, and strengthen the brand. Before Emarsys, every customer looked the same and received the same email every week. Using data from the Emarsys platform, Drizly was able to send personalized push emails to capitalize on who is buying, what, when, and where.

Watch this session from Emarsys Revolution 2018 to learn how Drizly used relational data segmentation, send time optimization, and rich media push to personalize app content for their mobile customers and build their brand. #EmarsysRevolution