Understanding the Omnichannel Customer Lifecycle [City Beach] | Emarsys Revolution 2018


The challenges retailers face are universal throughout the retail world. Human-driven personalization does not scale and Ad-Hoc "Batch and Blast" techniques just do not work! Marketers can no longer rely on the big black book of customer information to drive communication, so how do they do it?

Mike Doyle and Mike Cheng at City Beach were looking to provide email personalization across the customer lifecycle to improve omnichannel efforts and increase customer lifetime value. With Emarsys, they were able to automate completely personalized campaigns, populate unique emails for each individual contact in their email database, and drive more repeat purchases.

Watch this session from Emarsys Revolution 2018 to find out how fully personalized, automated email helped City Beach achieve a 105% in YOY email revenue and add $400 to active customer lifetime value statistics. #EmarsysRevolution